The PussyHat Ring

"Empowerment with Style"

Let Your Strength and Passion Shine while Standing Up for Your Rights

Unite in Solidarity wearing a fierce, stylish PussyHat Ring designed and handcrafted by a woman, homesteader, mom, advocate and a female artisan entrepreneur.  “I knew I had to create a solid statement piece that represented Persistence, Resistance, Strength and Passion, an Heirloom, a Symbol of the Times, while helping Make a Difference.” ~Sarah

Pull off your gloves, reveal your PussyHat Ring and affect measurable change. Whether you are marching, rallying, calling or writing, be empowered, do it with style and make your voice heard!

100% of net profits will be donated to these actionable organizations dear to my heart:

Artisans Center of Virginia, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic.

Take the PussyHat Ring Challenge

Share what The PussyHat Ring represent to you. 

Does it Reflect a Certain Emotion or Inner Strength

Does it add a little Sass to Your Step

Does it make you feel more Confident, Passionate, Empowered?

Or, does it give you more of an ‘Up Yours’ kind of Attitude?

Take photos of you and your ring.  Take photos of your friends and their rings.  TAG US and SHARE  your photos!

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